About Us

Lovers of ideas.

We are a London based team of skilled craftsmen who produce high-quality, bespoke furniture. From site specific kitchens to bespoke media units, custom cabinets to built-in wardrobes, we create a wide array of furniture and hand-crafted joinery pieces.

A core of Polish craftsmen with British design associates, we are now in our fifth year as woodworkers in London. Led by Kamil Gajowniczek who has 20 years of experience in wood, our team of three has quickly established a reputation for quality finishing, bringing beautiful designs to life - on budget and on time.

Bespoke furniture making is about collaboration. We love the varied demands of taking on new designs. Your designs. The task at hand is to make your ideas a reality - a stylish, well crafted, fully functioning reality. Our workshop is in north London but we operate across the southeast.

The arts and crafts are highly valued in Polish culture. From classical music to leather work, animation to cabinet making - Poland's courses and apprenticeships are envied around the world. Our work for you in London today is channelled through decades of past experience, a lot of talent and the full spectrum of carpentry skills.

At LDN Furniture we love what we do. Walnut is our favourite timber to look at, others we like for their touch, their smell, their adaptability. We just love wood. Bringing storage space to awkward corners, offering shelving solutions for object strewn living rooms or calming bedrooms with pale panelled finishes, we rise to all challenges. Being pushed is why we come to work - so whatever your furniture idea, we're eager to start creating it.

We collaborate with architects and interior designers at various project stages. Whether it's a new build that has yet to have a brick laid or a centuries old building undergoing a transformation, we can work well in any setting.

Advice can be provided on design, choice of materials, appropriate finishes and on-site functionalism. We work with you to create what you want in a way that is best for you and the piece you commission. This piece needs to work well and function perfectly for years if not decades. This is where our expertise comes in.

LDN Furniture also deals directly with any individual who has a headful of ideas. Someone looking for a means to get them into wood, veneer or MDF. No project is too small. From the simplest side table to the full panelling of a home's ground floor, we can work with you to create whatever you imagine.

Some people love the idea of owning a piece of furniture that nobody else has. This piece will last for many years and will always have the history you created for it. That is the beauty of bespoke furniture making. We hope you would like to create that history with us.

LDN Furniture is here to make your idea a reality. Our furniture looks even better on a floor or a wall than it does in your head.

Please get in touch - we can’t wait to hear about that idea.

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