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Our Workshop - Skills, Methods & Technology

We're always moving forward at LDN Furniture. Although our reputation is built on our years of experience and highly developed carpentry, joinery and design skills, we understand the importance of staying at the forefront of developments in technology and processes.

To produce bespoke cabinets, shelving bookcases and more requires an adaptability that is ever evolving. Unlike a 'set menu' of furniture, we have no idea what will be ordered next. We think on our feet and solve problems efficiently; here to assist and guide as you create your dream furniture pieces.

We are at the sharp end of tool and method advancements in the world of carpentry and joinery. The most productive and cost-effective processes are used to create your pieces.

LDN Furniture Workshop

Materials & Woodworking

The range of materials we offer is large. MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is popular and comes in an array of premium woodgrain finishes and expansive colour options.

Another favourite is the real wood veneer on an MDF core edged with veneers like Ash, Maple, Oak or Walnut. If you prefer a more exotic choice, how about Zebrano, Wenge or another of our many, foreign timbers that are ideal for walk-in wardrobes and living room furniture.

Then there is solid wood. Tastes change over time and we pride ourselves in being on-trend with the latest movements in interior design. This is important as it helps to be able to source popular timber quickly, even in times of high demand. Our network of contacts and suppliers is vast. We can source any timber you desire for your project.

Our wood comes in various thicknesses and sizes so any scale of project can be taken on. While staying on top of the latest interior fashions, we are also aware of the delicate sustainability issues regarding timber.

We also offer heavily textured laminates for a natural feeling, woodgrain effect. LDN Furniture can provide a huge selection of melamine board with high-grade cores and laminates. Go for that vintage Formica feel but with the durability of modern manufacturing.

After finalising a design process for your piece, we start crafting it using the latest state of the art tools and machinery. From the simplest of manual chisels to high-powered band saws that cut to 0.1mm precision, all aspects of joinery, traditional and modern are utilised.

Storage Furniture Painting


It is not just sourcing and creating with wood where we stay ahead. Finishing is also an area on which we pride ourselves. Patience is a virtue at LDN Furniture. Although we know you have delivery deadlines, we factor in an adequate period for finishes when formulating your budget and project timeline. Whether delicately layering high-gloss coats or applying scratch resistant lacquers, nothing is rushed.

When it comes to colour palette trends, we stay on point. Research helps us ensure we know in which direction colour tastes will be shifting in the near future. Needless to say, we can stain bespoke carpentry to any colour you choose.

But it’s not just about the wood stain. LDN Furniture’s spraying unit can provide a supreme finish to all our pieces. We can create clear coat lacquers and match colours from your pre-selected brand swatches. Our sheen levels start at 10% matt and run the full spectrum to a 100% high gloss polish.

Finish Swatch


Continual integration of new technology ensures we can increase production rates to save you time and money with no drop in quality. Developments in installation also mean we can fit furniture more quickly and design for awkward spaces more accurately than ever before.

So that’s how it works when we work with you. On our contact page you can send us details of any project you have in mind. If you seek furniture created by a collaborative team with access to great design partners, bringing your ideas to reality in the widest range of materials at cutting edge facilities, LDN Furniture are the craftsmen you need.